Automatically build your Flutter app APKs with Travis-CI

When attempting to setup Travis-CI, I saw more than a few articles on running Flutter tests with Travis, but none for actually building and obtaining a compiled APK as we wanted.

Step 1: Create Travis Configuration

Start by creating the following directory structure.
You only need to include the .travis/ directory (also in the root) if you plan to add additional build scripts to your project.

- .travis.yml
- .travis/
- utils/

Step 2: Upload the finished build to WeTransfer

This script should be placed in ./.travis/utils/runUpload.js (relative to your project root)

Step 3: Execute pre and post build web-hooks

We have web-hooks that send a message to a channel in our Discord server when a build has started or ended.
For each stage shown block above, you should add these commands underneath any that may already exist. e.g. the contents of after_failure above, should go after anything you have in your own after_failure block.

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