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When attempting to setup Travis-CI, I saw more than a few articles on running Flutter tests with Travis, but none for actually building and obtaining a compiled APK as we wanted.

Whenever changes are pushed to the GitHub repository a new build is automatically generated by Travis and a link to the APK on WeTransfer is posted to a Discord channel for supporters and beta testers allowing them to comment on the new build.

In this article I’m going to comment on how we achieved this workflow, as well as giving some general advice.

Step 1: Create Travis Configuration

Start by creating the following directory…

In many ways, Flutter is a fantastic framework for building cross-platform mobile applications however when it comes to developing features that aren’t platform-agnostic many people seem to resort to platform channel code.

At ApolloTV we try to keep as much code as possible in Dart for three reasons:

  1. It maintains the portability of our code base; should we need to implement a feature in another platform, we will have little to no code to rewrite.
  2. It reduces the learning curve for our projects; developers only have to know Dart and they don’t have to locate and interpret platform channel code.


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